An introduction to men's boxer shorts

Published: 16th April 2009
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In the past, Men did not have many options in underwear. They just had two options-briefs or boxers. But now, men have various choices as women have. The great change that has happened over the years has been in its fabrics. All of the styles can now be easily found in cotton, polyester or silk blends. Men prefer wearing Boxer underwear because they are comfortable to wear, with a fine fabric and provide perfect fit. One of the major selling points for designer brands is sex appeal. The major brands in underwear market are Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and Jockey.

Boxer shorts are considered are the classic men's underwear. Boxers are considered very loose and most comfortable among all styles. The shorts have straight-cut leg openings and cover part of the thighs and the entire butt; the length can vary from eight to 16 inches. Boxers work well under suits or khakis. Boxers can bunch up; however, they offer precious little genital support. Boxers are a poor choice for physical activities. Boxers are renowned for their patterns and design versatility. You can find different styles of boxers like fitted boxer shorts, boxer briefs, trunks, maxis and hipsters. You can get any style of boxer shorts from an online store.

Some people prefer loose boxers and some tight. Most of the branded companies have a line of loose boxer shorts. They are usually available in black, white or gray. This type of underwear is very comfortable for sleeping purpose. People who work out on gym should not wear such type of underwear for work out or for those who remain seated the entire day. When sitting down, loose boxer shorts will wrinkle along the thighs, and most of the time will result in a bumpy feeling under your pants.

Most of the designer's have a wide variety of tight boxer shorts. Many people say that tight boxer shorts are generally used by younger generation, but if you see it has become a choice of all generations. Tight boxers are suitable for people who work out every day and for those who sit down all day. Before buying a tight boxer do try out different brands as some will fit better around the waist, while others around the thighs. Some have found that excessively tight boxer shorts can be unpleasant as they don't allow the blood to circulate properly, because the genital area feels restrained. While buying a underwear do look at the price tag. Tight boxers are more expensive when compared to briefs or loose boxer shorts. That's why older generations prefer low priced briefs and avoid the expensive tight boxer shorts. These simple tips can help you select the underwear that is more stylish, comfortable and suited to your needs.

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